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Jun 7, 2023 โ†“

Papa's got a brand new blog

Well, I did it again. Started a new blog, that is.

Oh wait, that's not entirely true. It ain't new, as I've used it on and off for micro blogging. But I haven't used it for longer posts like this one. Oh, and it has fresh coat of paint too!

The site runs on micro.blog, a blogging platform that also has elements of social networking built in. In addition to the micro.blog community itself, it also connects with Fediverse. And you can easily cross-publish to other social networks, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Medium and more.

It's neat, do check it out.

Now that I've moved around some "furniture", this place feels more like home. There are few things I'd like to mention about the "making of" this site.

A colourful sign with words You belong, surrounded by green plants.
This feels good. I think I should hang out here more. Picture by @timmossholder

First, I'd like to send out big thanks to @Mtt, who created a micro.blog theme called Tiny Theme. This site is using a (yours truly) modified version of Tiny that turned out rather lovely I think. :)

Second, I'd like to thank @manton and the whole team micro.blog for creating such an unique blogging platform. There really ain't another one like it.

Third, check out this site's colophon for the rest of building blocks this site uses. I'll do my best to keep that page updated when things change here.

Last, but not least - As micro.blog also provides Newsletter feature, I'm trying that out as a delivery mechanism for sending new articles from this blog. If it turns out to be sufficient for my use, great! If not, I'm happy to keep using Buttondown (which I've used in the past). Whatever works best et cetera.

Edit Jul 29th, 2023: Micro.blog's newsletter feature worked great, but I decided to go back to Buttondown still, as it provides more useful features I can tinker with. Will stick with that for now. If you'd like, you can subscribe here.

P.S. Oh, and if RSS feeds are more your thing, feel free to pick the one(s) that make most sense to you:

P.P.S If you're on Fediverse (Mastodon, for example), you can also follow what happens here on blog by searching for this handle: @juha@juhaliikala.com. All the things you see here (as notes and posts), will end up on that account's feed.

Ok, I think that's all for now. Thank you for reading and I hope to "see you" again next time here on blog. Cheers! ๐Ÿ‘‹