Juha Liikala

Where did that weekend go? 😄 Well, coffee to the engine and toward this weeks adventures! Started exploring ConvertKit on Saturday. Thinking of starting a newsletter, in addition to these somewhat random micro blog writings. Let’s see!

Giving a try to “Twitter for Professionals” mode in the app. Could not find software developer, maker or creator “profession” there, so ended up using “Blogger” 😄 Let’s see how this feature turns out! 😆

Blast from the past from travel photo archives. Miss those Bali adventures! This was a cave waterfall called Tukad Cepung (if I remember correctly). Beautiful place! 😍


And there goes the well started Daily (Micro) Blogger streak - Forgot to post yesterday, duh! Oh well.. 😄 Weekend ahead! No plans, just chill! Maybe some gym activities, movies and catching up reading from some favourite bloggers around the blogosphere. Speaking of “reading blogs”, I still find most convinient to subscribe to blogs via news reader, instead of email newsletters. My highest recommends goes to reader called NetNewsWire 🙌

Being real?

Apparently the “new hot thing” on social media is an app called BeReal. Looked through few demo videos of usage, but haven’t tried. Not sure I will.

The idea of sharing random moment daily with friends in kind of fun.. but then again, I really don’t feel like needing yet another app in my life. Also, we have groups in various chat apps with friends where we share random moments already, so.. might be a pass for me.

If you’ve tried / use it already, what are your thoughts of it?

A proper thunderstorm here in Oulu this evening. ⛈ 71 millimetres of rain in the past 6 hours or so. Some pics here, the article is in Finnish

My first Micro Monday shout-out goes to @amit who’s blog amitgawande.com I just stumbled upon recently. Amit sure has been blogging for a while! Starting from 2005, that’s no small feat! 😄 Amit is also responsible for the beautiful theme I started using on my blog (the same one he uses for his - Paper theme). Minimally beautiful!

Regarding discovering new (micro) blogs, I wonder if there’s a way to see if anyone I follow on Twitter has a blog here? Is there a plug-in or something for that @manton? 😊

Really wish there were a lite version of the Instagram iOS app. NO REELS, suggestions, boosted posts, ads, shopping features.. all that. Just photos and perhaps, stories. Just the good stuff from the people you follow, nothing else. Well, not going to happen for sure.. but one can always hope! 😄

No Twitter backup quite yet, so won’t be putting up the “gone fishing sign” today at least 😁 In the meantime, I might just spend some time and tune up micro.blog styles and settings. That should be a good exercise for this evening!

This evening I find myself seriously contemplating the idea of quitting Twitter. OR at least hanging a virtual “gone to fishing, might or might not come back” sign on my profile. 😅

It’s been years since I last enjoyed using the platform. I guess it mostly feels like a distraction today. I certainly use too much screentime on it at least, with very little actual usefulness or value.

Just started the process of getting my tweet archive ready for download. Going to sleep on it and see what the next steps will be once the archive is ready. 🙈

After a brief sidetracking on WordPress, I switched my blogging efforts back to micro.blog. WP was fine (it always is), but the ease of publishing via micro.blog just felt like a better road to take right now. Let’s see how this goes! :)

I’ve been mulling over the thought of building and selling a few website / blogging themes this year. Just not 100% decided on to which “platform”. Probably Ghost or Eleventy, or why not a micro.blog theme even? WordPress could be too, but the latest full site editing / block theme stuff feels like there’s too many moving parts to take into account. Would want to keep things as simple as possible.

Don’t recall if I’ve seen commercial Eleventy themes before though. So Ghost then.. perhaps? At least Ghost has a theme marketplace.

Just thinking out loud here I guess. Let’s see what I manage to cook up (if anything at all)! :)

Back to micro posting! While putting bits and pieces together on my personal blog, I also wanted to start writing note type of (micro) posts. For me the reasoning being - that would lower the otherwise high threshold of hitting the publish button more often. So here goes! :)